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Empower Your Leadership with Microsoft Viva's Deep-Dive Reports!

- 2 min read-Rene Vlieger
The upcoming release of two Out of Box Experience (OOBE) reports in the Microsoft Viva Insights app on Microsoft Teams will roll out from late March 2024 and is expected to be fully implemented by mid-April 2024. The New Hire Onboarding and Integration report promises insights into the onboarding journey of new team members, shedding light on their experiences and identifying potential areas for improvement. The External Focus report is designed to give leaders a comprehensive understanding of how team members are managing external relationships. Learn more.

Personal Take: Navigating the Microsoft Viva Learning Update

- 2 min read-Rene Vlieger
In this update to Microsoft Viva Learning, scheduled to roll out between late March and mid-April 2024, admins can disable LinkedIn Learning premium content within Viva Learning for all users in their tenant. This update won't disrupt any existing setup or configurations within Viva Learning. However, if LinkedIn Learning premium content is disabled, users won't be able to access it through Viva Learning. Get details.

Search in Viva Connections App for Teams on iOS/Android Tablets

- 2 min read-Rene Vlieger
The search feature within the Viva Connections app in Microsoft Teams is about to get a major upgrade for iOS and Android tablet users. You will no longer need to switch between apps or open up a browser to search through the intranet. With this update, the search functionality will be integrated within the Teams app, making it easier and more efficient to find what you need. The rollout is expected to kick off in early April 2024, with completion slated for mid-April 2024. Learn more.

Microsoft Purview Enhances Viva Engage Communication Compliance

- 2 min read-Rene Vlieger
Microsoft is gearing up to roll out a game-changing feature through Purview Communication Compliance that's set to revolutionize the way we handle policy violations in our private messages and community conversations. Learn more.

TekkiTalk With Adam Harmetz: Microsoft Lists and Connecting Through Technology

- 1 min read-Knut Relbe-Moe
A conversation with Adam Harmetz, VP of Product at Microsoft. Over his 17 years at Microsoft, Adam has been involved in the Office client, compliance, SharePoint, and now Microsoft Viva. Knut and Adam discuss the journey of Microsoft Lists and how it has become a strong standalone product with a focus on improving user experience. They also touch on the importance of technology in connecting people from diverse backgrounds and fostering inclusivity within the community.

TekkiTalk with Ruven Gotz and Michelle Caldwell: Business Drivers and Strategy of Employee Experience

- 1 min read-Christian Buckley
In this TekkiTalk, host Christian Buckley chats with Michelle Caldwell, CEO of Synozur Alliance, and Ruven Gotz, Chief Strategy Officer at Synozur Alliance, about the gaps between technology and success within Microsoft's employee experience strategy, which covers Microsoft Viva, Copilot, and many other newer features and products.

Seek, and You Will Find the Answers in Viva!

- 5 min read-Lesley Crook
Answers in Viva is a feature integrated with Viva Engage that allows organizations to curate and harvest questions. Each question requires being marked by a Viva Topic, an essential means to get new questions in front of people who may have the knowledge to answer and manage them.

TekkiTalk with Dan Holme: Viva Engage

- 1 min read-Sharon Weaver
In this TekkiTalk, host Sharon Weaver and guest Dan Holme, Product Leader (Viva Engage) at Microsoft, talk about how Yammer is being rebranded into Viva Engage. They also cover innovations inside of Viva engage with a special focus on leadership.

TekkiTalk with Jeff Teper: Innovations From Microsoft (Copilot, Teams, SharePoint, Syntex, and Viva)

- 1 min read-Knut Relbe-Moe
In this TekkiTalk, host Knut Relbe-Moe chats with guest Jeff Teper, President of Collaborative Apps and Platforms at Microsoft, also known as the "Father of SharePoint," about innovations in Microsoft with Copilot, the new SharePoint UX, Viva Amplify, Viva Engage, and the latest version of Microsoft Teams that is lighter and a lot faster than the old Teams client.

Onboarding in the Flow of Work: How Learning Paths and Academies Simplify the Onboarding Process in Viva Learning

- 4 min read-Pascal Brunner
Viva Learning makes organizing training content much easier, letting you build learning paths from many different sources. Once you've built learning paths, you can organize those into academies, and academies in turn can be assigned to Microsoft 365 Groups with manage feature access.

5 Ways to Track and Measure Productivity in Microsoft 365

- 9 min read-Christian Buckley
By focusing on five key areas, organizations can harness the full potential of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and cultivate continual improvement. In a digital-first world, understanding and optimizing digital productivity is a critical component of an organization's strategic toolkit. Tracking and measuring digital productivity is key to remaining agile, competitive, and future-ready in our evolving business landscape.

Viva Engage Storylines Made Simple

- 4 min read-Lesley Crook
Viva Engage is Yammer, and Yammer is Viva Engage. Viva Engage is integrated within Microsoft Teams, enabling a flow of work across connected applications. Learn about Viva Engage Storylines, Viva Engage Topics, and Answers in Viva. Also, get examples of when to create your own personal story and when to create a community post.