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Discover Viva Personal Insights for Supervisors to Balance Productivity and Well-Being

- 5 min read-Lesley Crook
Learn how Microsoft Viva Insights gives supervisors transparency into their workplace collaboration habits, with tips and reminders that help them and those they supervise be more productive and happier at work.

How To Embed Your Azure Logic Apps in a Metadata-driven Data Platform

- 32 min read-Koen Verbeeck
Learn how you can maximize efficiency by creating metadata-driven Logic Apps. Nobody likes repeating themselves. If you need to extract 50 SharePoint Lists, are you going to create 50 workflows? In this article, you will learn how you can do all this with one single Logic App and a bit of dynamic SQL!

Your New SharePoint House: Building a Home That You Can Live In!

- 8 min read-Shari Oswald
This first article of the series, Your New SharePoint House, explores common considerations when you transition to the cloud. It also discusses best practices for helping your organization move, or reimagine, your current technology environment.

How to Use Avatars for Microsoft Teams

- 4 min read-Giuliano De Luca
This article and video show you how to use Avatars for Microsoft Teams for when you want to represent yourself in a meeting without appearing on camera. Learn how to create, duplicate, and configure your avatars, choosing the body, face, hair, appearance, and wardrobe that best suit your needs.

Differences Between Free and Paid Versions of Viva Learning

- 1 min read-Asif Rehmani
You can get a free version of Viva Learning or you can pay for the premium license. What comes with each version? What are the differences? This detailed video shows exactly what you get with the free and premium versions.

Working with Microsoft Azure Active Directory Applications – Part 2

- 12 min read-Toni Pohl
Welcome to Part 2 of this series on setting up and managing applications in a Microsoft 365 tenant. In this article, I will dive deeper into the topic and exploring how to use and manage a multitenant app in foreign M365 tenants.

Make a Decision: Comparing Power BI vs. Excel in Data Analysis

- 3 min read-Audrey Workman
This article compares and contrasts functionality of Excel vs. Power BI in data analysis, focusing on considerations involving data size, complexity, collaboration and sharing, data visualization, and ease of use.

Formatting Rows and Columns in SharePoint Lists

- 8 min read-Stacy Deere
This article shows you how to highlight specific types of data within a SharePoint list to capture the user’s attention. You can also alternate the color and format of your rows and columns to separate them visually.

From Clippy to ChatGPT: AI Advances in Productivity

- 8 min read-Christian Buckley
Learn how Microsoft uses artificial intelligence (AI) in Bing search, Microsoft 365, and other tools and platforms such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to improve user experience, increase productivity, and provide better insights. Microsoft has incorporated OpenAI's natural language processing (NLP) technology and computer vision into Bing search. Microsoft also uses ChatGPT in Bing through Bing Chat, providing a community-driven platform for asking and answering questions.

Use the Classic App Designer to Make a Model-Driven Power App

- 1 min read-Asif Rehmani
In Dynamics 365, you can create a model-driven app using Power Apps. There are a couple of different ways to make an app like that. You can use the classic app designer or the modern app designer. The modern app designer is obviously where things are headed. However, it still does not have some of the features that the classic app designer has, so this video shows how you can use the classic app designer to make a model-driven app.

Build a Complete Mobile Audio Player With Track List

- 11 min read-Shadrack Inusah
This article shows you how to build a Power App canvas application that integrates a SharePoint list backend for storing and retrieving images and audio files. The app will be created from within SharePoint and will contain labels, icons, navigation, image containers, and other elements.

Understanding DAN in a ChatGPT World

- 11 min read-Tim Warner
This article discusses the rise of the mythical DAN "jailbreak" hack in the ChatGPT world and the importance of understanding its implications. ChatGPT, OpenAI's advanced AI language model, is capable of providing high-quality responses to a wide range of questions. By employing prompt engineering techniques, users can guide ChatGPT towards generating more accurate and relevant responses. The article describes the unauthorized modification or manipulation of chatbot software, known as "jailbreaking," which is against OpenAI's terms of service. Using clever prompt engineering to bypass pre-programmed controls can lead to ethical, legal, and security concerns.